Monday, February 24, 2014

On Tuesday we had our district meeting and a normal day of weorking

wednesay  I was not feeling good, at al (coldl. So we spent a little bit at home before we did some of our visits

Thursday: Baptism interview for the sisters from Arco-Iris then we helped them organize the church for the marriage they had on Friday

Friday we went ot Camaquã to do a baptism interview for the Sisters there... Well, we ended up getting some wrong information and missed the bus at 2 so we thought, well now what? As we were walking around waiting for the 6 bus something happened. From no where I ran into Andrea from my area (Paulo wasn´t with her) She was in camaquã visiting her father-in-law helping him organize. So we went over there and talked for a while. That worked our great for me. Though becuase of that we missed the wedding. Oh well.

Saturday we went to Arco-Iris´baptism and took home some wedding cake.

Sunday my companion finalloy realized that he was dying and after lunch we stayed home again... He´s been sick since about friday with a cold/strep. It´s running through the house.

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