Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New district, same thing... 4 Sisters, me and my companion... Couldn´t be better in my opinion. 2 of the sisters switched out so this week was kinda spent to get to know them during the district meeting. They seem really good, and after the first week, #´s were all good so, can´t complain.

We had a very normal week, just getting ready for our pizza night on Saturday here in the ward, we´ll be introducing a new program where every family ``Adopts`` An inactive family or recent convert, to strengthen and reactivate a lot... We have 30 families in the program, the goal is to reactivate all of them. Everyone in the leadership is really excited. :D

Yesterday we had lunch with some investigators and... a lot of their family. we ended up maked 7 new investigators during the lunch, that was pretty neat.

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