Monday, March 31, 2014


Well, This week we didn´t get done too much. Though we did a lot.

On Tuesday we went to Camaquã for Distrito amigo. There we made lunch and did distrito amigo. We didn´t have much time to work becuase we finished lunch at 2 and had to leave at 6 on the bus but it was fun while it lasted.

Wednesday: We burned DVD´s, visited Jussan and Sara, João Pedro (he´s a sick reactivated kid/guy. We go there about once a week to speak english and help him out) This time before we left his house his grandmother gave us hot dogs because she has a little hot dog stand in front of her house

Thursday we had a service project that was supposed to go from 3-4:30 but it ended up going until 8:30. Though it was fun, we helped an inactive family move.

Friday we went to Porto Alegre to the foot doctor. There we ate chinese food and Sushi (Below average but what do you expect?)

Saturday: we had the best lunch ever with a family that we met while teaching English at the English school (Wizard) IT was the best churrasco I´ve eaten here. They were super nice and cool as well plus, super rich. Everything they have is super fancy. We taught english, and some people actually went, that was a change.   We then had dinner with a Recent convert from the other area in the ward.

Sunday was a normal day with church and meetings and everything. Gremio and Internacional palyed yesterday... My team won 2-1. :D

This morning I visited Helena and Tiago then Paulinha!!! :D We had lunch with Helena and Tiago, everyone is doing well.. Except for Tiago, he´s kinda fallen away and is smoking again. Paulinha has also gotten really sick, she´s not the same that she was a year ago. :(

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