Monday, April 7, 2014

Well, what a busy week without a lot of work but... It was good.!!!

On Tuesday we had a normal day until about 6 when we went to the pizza buffet to have dinner with President for meeting our baptism goal for the month!!! I came in a respectable 2nd place at the restaurant with a good 23 pieces eaten. Elder Lima won with 24. But, No problem right.

Wednesday was our only normal day that we had. We tried to visit everybody during that small time until our FHE with the Ward mission leader (Bebeco) At 7. IT was a good, tiring day.

Thursday we had our zone conferences. It was a normal conference. Not much I can explain for you other than it was a lot of fun.

Friday  we went to Arco-IRis ( A neighborhood close by) to help the sisters in my district because they went to Rio Grande (A city) To do divisions. THey´re the sisters that do training for the other sisters. That´s allowed until 8 when we go back. We went to a MA member to visit her on her Bday!

Saturday was conference!!!!!! And, ya after conference we had an almost family night with the Stake president Elizar and his family (live in our ward) Just no investigators were there... oh well, can´t complain we had a churrasco and then just left a message with them. It was a lot of fun, they are a really special family.

Me and the Stake President with the RIBS!

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