Monday, February 10, 2014

Another week another sunburn.

On tuesday we went to a sisters house and talked with her son again. He has a desire to come back to church but was just needing a push. I guess we did good enough because yesterday he went to church@!!! :D

Wednseday We visited our neighbor had been to church a couple of times then we met with our ward mission leader.

Thursday. Visitied Vinicius and Alessandra again. It went really well, again.  we went on splits... I went with Elder Galdino to do some baptism interviews and it allw ent well. After we did the interviews we went to dinner with a member (At his house) I saw a play station 4 for the first time. That was cool and ate one of the best lasagnas in my life.

Friday We went to CamaquĆ£ to do baptism interviews for the sisters in my district... That was the whole day. a 2 hour bus ride there and back.

Saturday. English class, nobody went. We had our weekly activity... Nobody went. The Zone Leaders baptism went well. We had 3 investigators there (OUr neighbor (carmen) Vinicius and Alessandra).

 Sunday. Church, meetings. We were supposed to sing during sacrament meeting but luckily there wasn´t time. :D Then at the meeting I saw a bunch of people from my first ward. Then we had FHE with the bishop and a family that he wants to help.

So, this week was realy really really hot. They´re saying that this is the hottest the Rio Grande do Sul has been in over 60 years.

Bag change, now I am a real missionary

Picture from the Christmas party. 

My collection so far

We made french toast

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