Monday, November 18, 2013

Tuesday: we spent the whole day visiting less active members in the (condominio cristal) Where the person was shot last week. so, that was a pretty fun experience when we were walking on the street and saw the blood stains...

Wednesday: We visited Isabel, and more less active members (we´re working with less active members quite a bit becuase we were given a promise by Elder Mazagardi that if we work more with them we´ll baptize more so... gotta do it right?)

Thursday: we visited Paulo and Andreia, ate what was probably the best dinner of my whole life. Salmon, and a lot of other fancy things. we also prepared for the activity that we had on Friday!!!

Friday: Rain, and a lot of  it!!! Of course it didn´t start until about 1 hour before the activity making a lot of people stay home but, oh well. :( We had a good lual!!! Good food, music apresentations and everything like that!!! No investigators went but, oh well. I still had fun!!!l

Saturday: We got to clean from the activity (because we didn´t even leave the church on friday until 10:30.... oops, then we had a normal day, we ate lots of food visited some references that we recieved from members and ya. People here like to talk, we listened to one guy talk for about 2 hours, during this time we kept trying to leave and he kept talking and talking and talking... patience.

Sunday was a normal day, church, lunch, nobody home becuase everyone goes to the beach and has churrascos on sunday. So, we went home at about 6 to study and prepare for Pday. :D ha!!!!

Getting ready for Christmas!

Fancy dinner

After getting caught in the rain

All set up for the party

With Elder Ritz

With Paulo and Adreia and family

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