Monday, November 11, 2013

 Well lests start off with the most important news first. Last night we had FHE with Paulo and Andreia (in a sketchy area) and as we were about to leave Andreia got called and told that someone was murdered just down the street so... we had to wait about a half hour for the police to arrive before we could leave, cool right??? At FHE we played games and ate the best cake of my whole life!!! I didn´t take photos becuase It was raining a ton!!! (still is actually)

This week was good, we visited a lot of less active members and I mean a ton... Like a lot. It was also really hot this week, it´s not even summer yet, but the head is back. I miss winter. :(  To be honest the week was the same every day. Just at a difference lEss active members house. Always FHE with food and stuff.... Sorry, I´m just not in the mood to write that much today. Ha. (Sorry mom, don´t hurt me.)

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