Monday, May 6, 2013

What´s up with the late email? Well, I was sleeping all day today because last night I stayed up the whole night throwing up.

Well, last week was our Yoki with Mara... She made it this time with Cow tongue... I can now mark that off my list of things to eat...

Tuesday: I can now mark one more thing off my list of things to eat...  Cow udder. It waSN´T ALL that bad, but I prefered eating the other stuff. :D

I really don´t remember a lot that happened this week, and it hurts to think... Sunday we had a churrasco with an inactive family. We had a ward activity on Saturday... Nobody really knew about it but that´s okay. I took a pie to the face becuase I didn´t know the question... The question was ``How many sections are there in D&C. Now I know but it´s not really gonna help.

We went on splits this week. I left with Elder R. Ferreira. Just for one day. Ummmmm... Today in the morning we went to the central where I bought 6 ties for 10 dolalrs... Man, I like cheap stuff here. :D

Well, this is all I´m gonna write this week... next week we have transfer news!!!! Until Sunday for some of you! :D

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