Monday, May 20, 2013

Well, this is definitely a new area... The ward is small, and not excited. We´ve got a lot of work to do.

Tuesday and Wednesday I traveled the whole day... Traveled 5 hours to Bage on Tuesday then slept with the LZ, Wednesday morning we had a training, then had to wait until 5 to take a bus to Dom Pedrito. Got here at 7 then went to a ward meeting with the leadership.

Thursday I unpacked and got to know some of our investigators... We have one baptism set for next saturday and she´s perfect!!!! Other than that we don´t have much.... 

Friday: More of the same stuff really everyday was the same... Thursday friday and saturday... IT´s freezing here, it´s a small city, super Gáucho.  The 4th guy in our house i Elder Emanoel... He´s got 1 year and a half on the mission, but he´s been home for about a year because he had to have surgery.

Sunday we had church... 50 people were there, our baptism was there... Some peope from the warde told us that they think she´s a member... So we took her name, name of her parents and looked it up on the computer... Sure enough she was baptized when she was 8, more than 40 years ago and didn´t remember. Well, at least we reactivaed some one!!!! :D 

My area is actually Dom Pedrito South. 
Our house

Photo with the new companion. Elder F. Silva from São Paulo.

New zone

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