Monday, January 14, 2013

I´ll start with the bad news for the week!!!!!!!!!!

Next week Elder Bednar will be in Porto Alegre talking with the POS mission!!! Giving a talk, and a training!!! Cool right, why´s that bad news??? This is why, only the northen zones get to go... Oh, but they´re making up for it by sending everyone a copy of the talk through email after, for some reason that just doesn´t quite do it for me... Whatever, I know it´s expensive to send everyone, but it´d be cool to go.

Monday: A normal P day, I really can´t remember anything about that day, other than we couldn´t find anyone to talk to during the night except Marlom, we saw photos of his hand, they were awesomly gross. Then we went to Tiago and Helena´s house, becuase we walked around for an hour and a half and no one was home.

Tuesday: Tuesday we had lunch really far away from our area, still in our ward, but the area of Elder Staples and Elder Marques. After lunch we waited for a bus in the burning sun for 2 hours, I don´t know what happened, but we finally got to our area at about 5, I guess that makes up for the day 2 weeks ago that we started working before 2 :) We talked with Gabriel, and commited him to baptism on the 19th, all we have to do now is get permission from his mom, becaus he´s only 14. Now is the hard part! But he´s been going to church for a month now, and loving it! 

Wednesday: Lunch with Helena and Tiago, was maybe the best lunch I´ve had yet. Helena commented that I´m getting fatter, awesome right? Though, I´m still the same weight, I feel fatter too, I think the muscle in my stomach just turned gooey. Nobody was in their house Wednesday, it kinda seemed like this the whole week, so we made a bunch of new investigators Wednesday, but nothing story worthy.

Thurday: We had Zone conference, I recieved card!!! (Thanks everyone!) Then we had lunch with a member, but she forgot and left her house... So, we were far away from our house, and hungry. Good thing Elder Viana basically refuses to eat at home so he called a member near by and we went and ate there!!! During the day, nobody was home, so we made a bunch of new investigators again.

Friday: We had a big lunch with Bete and Arno (Arno is the High Priest president) It was all 4 missionaries, Tiago (because Tiago went on splits with us for the day) Bete and Arno (obviously) and 2 more families from the ward I´ve never talked about. They made a weird stuffed chicken thing, and it was delicious! After that we went to Eldorado, where almost everyone is home all day. (It´s government housing so a lot of people don´t have jobs) Nothing special happened besides Tiago bore a powerful testimoney for Lucio, and one more time he commited to stop smoking so he can be baptized! WE had dinner With Paulina, because she thought that she had lunch for the missionaries EVERY Friday during January... So at about 1 she called and asked where we were, we told her we were eating, and she asked why? I have lunch on the table here for 4 missionaries! Which means she has enough food for a small village. She told us she wasn´t going to let that food go to waste, so we would be at her house at 7 to eat it, no excuses... Couldn´t say no to that.   During the morning Elder Viana did a baptism interview for the sisters, one of them was looking at my photos during and commented that I´ve gotten bigger during my mission... I guess it´s time to worry about it!

Saturday: we had lunch at the house of Anna Protti, it´s about a one hour walk. Well, lunch there is always the same... Potatoe salad, rice, beans and room temperature Guaraná. I personally like it, along with the other 2, only Elder Viana deoesn´t. After that we went to talk with Gabriels mom... Scary! After about 20 minutes of her resisting, she signed his baptism papers. Now, his step dad wants to be baptized too! Cool right, problem is he wants to be baptized Saturday, so we told him if he goes to church tomorrow (he only needs to go once, because he´s gone before) then he can be baptized with Gabriel! Also, we don´t think they´re married, but we´ll worry about that if he goes to church. We had dinner with Helena and Tiago, becuase our plan was to eat with them Friday, but then the Paulina thing happened, and Helena had all the food. So, we ate there Saturday!

Sunday: What a day!!! Church with President and Sister Castro! They gave their talks on the obligation of members in missionary work. The ward is really excited now. It was kind of a bummer for us, because only 1 investigator went to church and we´re used to about 10 every week. But, tudo bem. (We had a slow week, but made 16 new investigators, made the best of the worst.) After church we went to lunch at the house of Daniel, he´s the 1st counselor in the bishopric, Arlei (Second counselor) and family went. Marco and Jose went (War mission leaders). Sister Castro invited Paulina and talked to us about how good of a person she is for the ward. 2 other families went too, but I don´t know the names... Bishop didn´t go because he´s out of town. They had a churrasco, I seriously don´t think there´s a ward in the world that likes meat more than this one... Easily 200 Rais worth of food there but they were happy spending every penny for President Castro and his family. After lunch P.C. gave a little message, then Arlei had to of course too, then even Paulina had to say a few words. After Paulina said ``and they´re all my sons`` President Castro said ``And they´re working hard right?`` Paulina replied with ``hmmmm, no`` Everyone started laughing, and President Castro said ``That wasn´t the answer I was hoping to hear`` I don´t think she heard the question. Oh, Irmã Paulina. We had to FHE´s last night, so we ate 2 more times... And yes, I am getting fat, I know.

I don´t have any photos this week, sorry. There´s a rumor going around about all the missions in the Rio Grande Do Sul becoming one, becuase we don´t baptize much, and it´s expensive to have 3 presidents. We´ll see if anything actually happens.

I love you all, have a good week!!!

Last week of transfers, probably last week with Elder Viana, who knows if I´ll even be staying here! Elder Viana wants to leave, and I want to stay... So we know that I´ll be leaving, and he´ll be staying. :(

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