Monday, January 21, 2013

A week of change!!!!

Biggest news first!!! I will be leaving Pelotas tomorrow. :( I´m pretty sad about it, only 2 transfers here, but that´s okay, I know I´m supposed to leave!!! I´m headed to the city of Viamão! (close to Porto Alegre) The ward name is ``Mountains`` Because it´s one giant mountain, so after my stay here I´m going to have some pretty good looking calfs and thighs. The best news about this transfer is on Saturday I get to go to the conference with Elder Bednar!!! WOOOOOOO! 

Vamos começar com Terça-feira!

Tuesday: We had a district meeting in the morning, lunch with Alexandra and Geison (never talked about them, but they´re part of ``Celestial lunch week``) Then did our usual run through Eldorado talked with Gabriel, and with a couple others. Then we went to Maeline´s house, she´s is/was an investigator of the other 2, (she was baptized on Saturday) and had FHE with her and her family. She made a TON of food, but Elder Staples and Marques were fasting, so I had to eat for everyone... Man, I hope my next comp. eats  more than Elder Viana. 

Wednesday: We didn´t plan anything for the day because we were told that we had a conference from 2 until 7, so we planned just a FHE with Tiago and Helena. But, of course things changed... First we had lunch with Carol, then we got a phone call just as we were about to run to the bus... Oh, sorry Elders, the conference here is tomorrow, today will be a normal day, sorry for the inconvience. Okay... No problem. So we left lunch and walked around trying to talk to people for about 2 hours, until the lunch hour ended... Between 12-4 it´s basically impossible to talk to people without setting up an appointment. So that was that, after 4 we made a lot of new investigators, and that was it!!! Man, it probably seems like we don´t do anything here, huh?

Thursday: Lunch with Tiago and Helena, then we really had a conference!!! President Castro and his wife came along with the AP´s. Each of the 4 gave a training on planning. Well, Sister Castro gave a training on health, but the other 3 were on planning. After that we got cards!!! Thanks everyone!!! I like getting more cards than everyone else! :D Then, we went to Maeline´s again so Elder Viana could do her baptism interview!!!

Friday: It´s Friday, friday... Lunch with Arlei... We taught a killer lesson with Flatima and Wolnay.. Flatima started crying, but she still won´t go to church until after her surgery becuase she doesn´t want to go without nice clothes, and she doesn´t want to buy clothes before she loses all the weight. I haven´t mentioned her before because she´s never gone to church... For people wondering about Renato.. He still wants to be baptized, but still in Rio Grande for work... 1 day he will return, we´ve talked with his wife I think 5 times during this wait.. We had FHE with Max and Jaque... So we ate more... I almost said no to the cake but Elder Viana said something I don´t remember what and she said... ``of course I went all the way to Treichel to buy stuff for tonight`` So, I was stuck with it... Oh well, it tasted good but after a ton of lasagna, rice and beans I didn´t feel like eating... Last time we were there I was a little sick, so I didn´t feel like eating, and I told them that... But I also made the mistake to say next time I will eat enough for today and next time... So... That was that. I ate enough for 2 nights!!! I actually lost weight during the week... I don´t understand... Though I won´t complain.

Saturday: Lunch with the Cruz Family... Then we picked up Tiago so he could work with us for the day... He used his fancy clothes and got a hair cut... He´s really excited about this whole church thing... Still wants to serve a mission, and will start mission prep next week. Saturday was just a normal Saturday until we got the church at 5:30 to prep for the baptism... Baptisms are great!!! It was even better that none of us had to baptize, because when a member baptizes it means more... Arlei baptized Gabriel, and Arlei will continue living next to Gabriel until further notice. Gabriels parents came, until about 30 minutes before his step dad thought he was still being baptized... E. Viana ignored me more or less 5 times during the week when I said ``we should probably talk with Anderson about his baptism`` Well, luckily he wasn´t TOO mad. E. Viana explained when they got to the church that they need to be legally married, and Anderson said, alright, Iwe´ll get married in February. Arlei gave a welcome speech that made Gabriels mom cry... She´s next. ;) Man, I´m leaving a lot of unfinished work here... I counted with Elder Viana... 15 people that can realisticly be baptized in the next 11 weeks. Fun fact, next transfer is only 5 weeks... I don´t know why, just is. 

Sunday: A normal Sunday, I took some pictures with a couple families just in case I would be leaving... Good thing I got photos right??? Lunch was with Diego and Beth. We taugh Anderson (Gabriels step dad) after, he still wants to be baptized, so that´s good... Then finally drank Terere again!!! For 5 weeks the store didn´t have any, but this week they got it again, so I bought some on Thursday after the conference... The store is far away from our house... I´ll drink my last Terere in Fernando Osório tonight with Tiago!!! :(  

I love you all!!! Next time I talk to you will be from a different city... Just think positive. 

Elder Bednar on Saturday!!!

Elder Viana will train again, so I´ll have a baby brother! I don´t know if he´s American or Brazillian, will find out tomorrow!!! Tomorrow I get to sit at the bus station for about 8 hours!!! Wish me luck! 

Te amo!!!

Elder Justin Beary

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