Monday, July 7, 2014

Well, my biggest news for the week is that my work here will finally go back to normal!!!! It´s about time! We finished updating the ward list, and now I can be a missionary again!!! It's not that I didn't like doing it,   it´s just that, it wasn´t exactly what I expected when I thought about being a missionary, though like grandma said to me in a card that I just got. It was a big help in strengthining the Lords kingdom here in Porto Alegre. I know it was necessary to go about 7 weeks doing this work, just... Glad it´s over now. ;)  Also, if you guys remember Carol from my last area (the 13 year old that we baptized) I finally found her grandpa´s information. I know where is papers are!!!! WE couldn´t find them in Pelotas and they were never registered on the internet but... As we were cleaning the ward list here, imagine who´s name and address I ran into!!!! Exactly Moacir Borges (carols g-pa) We will now put his info online and send it off to Pelotas!!!! Strange (not really, definitely was planned) how the Lord puts the right people in our paths. I think I now understand why for over a year nobody was able to baptize or really even teach Carol. Becuase the Lord needed me to get to know her family so that his papers could be found!!! (that´s what I think at least. ) :)

Also, news from Dom Pedrito! Another fruit from my work!!!! You guys remember Leti­cia (and Joao and Fatima) Well, while we (Elder Carlos and I) There teaching them we met one of Leticia´s friends (Alex, it´s a boy) And we tried to teach him but he never was interested in going to church, he listened to our lessons but never gave us his address to visit him and his family... I don´t exactly know what happened over this time but, I got a letter a couple of weeks ago saying that he finally went to church, and yesterday I got a phone call saying that he was baptized on Saturday, that´s pretty neat isn´t it!!!!!

Mom, thanks for the Portuguese card, Google translate isn´t perfect my any means, but it was definitely understandable! :D

On Saturday we had a meeting (party) and lunch with the Stake presidency and President and Sister Castro. It was just my stake (Partenon) Which for right now includes zones Partenon and Viamo. It was nice, though, I think it was more of an excuse to just have a party with the missionaries. haha. I was able to see Elder Gagnon and elder Galdino again! :D

Other than these things, not much happened. We finished the list yesterday so over the week we just worked with that... There were a LOT of members! There still are, but. we were able to take a couple of names of the list!

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