Monday, July 14, 2014

1 month! That´s pretty weird, isn´t it...

Well, as everyone knows Brasil was... beat to say the least, though until now there hasn´t been any problems. I assume that this week or next week will have some protests, but I don´t expect it to be too bad. We´re just lucky that Argentina didn´t win, that would have made everything much worse!!!!!

From Friday-Sunday I had the worst soar throat of my mission (Maybe life) Today it finally is starting to feel better, I hope it keeps getting that way so I don´t have to get a shot in my... you know! Though I kind of like getting shots, so I don´t care either way. It´d be fun to try it out because all the people say that this one hurts a lot and basically makes you stay in bed all day because of the pain in the leg area.

Thanks everyone for the B-day cards! I´ve started getting lots of mail in the last couple of days! haha. I got my last mission hair cut! And, putting it nicely, it was a disaster, good thing I didn´t pay for it, haha.... I am currently completely without side burns, good thing it´ll grow back fastish....

Work update, this week we were able to mark the baptisms of a family (Jussara and Ana) Mom and daughter The moms boyfriend is an inactive member. They were supposed to go to church yesterday but he had to work. Tomorrow we´ll go back, I hope they´re okay!

Also, we were able to visit a recent convert named Deisy after about 1 month of slacking and not passing by, she´s a really great person in a really difficult situation. Her house is terrible and her whole family (nephews and ``sons``) Are involved in drugs. Well, for the 3rd time in the last 2 years someone in her family was murdered becuase of drug things. She´s doing okay, just needs to be visited more. Now that we got the list done, we´ll be better about visiting her. It´s good becuase she lives close to Jussara... Which is bad because they both live at the VERY top of the biggest hill in the area. Oh well, At least I´ll come back with big calves!

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