Monday, June 30, 2014

Cefer baby!!!!! my 2nd and last transfer gere in the Cefer Ward and I couldn't be happier!!!

Last Monday we had to leave the LAN house early to get home before the Brasil game started (G-MA said to me in a letter last week that, seeing  as how I am in a poor area that maybe the cup excitement isn't as bad.... well, to answer that question, it might be worse because nobody has anything better to do than drink and watch futbal!)

On Tuesday we had district meeting that ran late so we cancelled our lunch and ate at a restaurant with the Elders from Intercap (they have basically infinite credit at a restaurant by the church)  We then used our list of members the whole day to help divide the stake! (we had to finish this week!)

Wednesday lunch with Irma Suzete before using the list until we went to Ana Paula's house.

Thursday, lunch with Celia (she didn't know about it even though we talked to her daughter on the phone the night before. Though I won't complain because I was able to see a good part of the USA vs. Germany game while we waited (USA USA USA!!!!!)  we then used the list until we got lost in the vila and went to visit members to have them help us. (asking them if they knew anyone)

love ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!

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