Monday, June 16, 2014

Well, here we go!!!! week 1/2 of the world cup!!!

On Tuesday everything was normal because the cup hadn´t started yet, we had lunch with our ward mission leader (even though he wasn´t home, it was just with his wife) We taught Maria and Milo and spent the day cleaning up the ward list (We have a job to divide the stake here in Partenon/Viamo. The only problem now is that the Partenon side (Where I´m at) that the preisthood to member ratio is too low. So to help with that every ward on this side of the stake is going to everyones house on the ward list and seeing if they still really live there and haven´t moved or died. So, that´s what we´ve been doing for about 2 weeks now.

Wednesday we had lunch with Eliane again, same as on Sunday, (I do like her, she is very nice)

Thursday... Here comes the problems, we worked until 3:30 then we had to be off the streets studying until 1 hour after the game ended (Rule all through out Brasil, kind of sad isn´t it) So, that was our day. For some reason today was REALLY hot...

Friday: I thought that it was just going to be hard to work on the days of Brasil games but boy was I wrong. Starting at 1 is the first game, then games go basically non stop until about 10, and everyone that´s home stays inside glued to the tv... It´s even worse than I thought it was going to be. It doesn´t help that it rained a TON today.

Saturday, different day same story... Lots of rain, lots of games. We had a ward activity in the morning but it got cancelled because of the rain, which we didn´t find out until we got there.

Sunday! We got a new phone, now we can talk to people again!!!! I got a cup cake from Elder Melo (He got them for his bday.) At night we went to the Stake President´s house becuase his wife (Rosangela) Had some grocerys for us. As we were there getting our snack on President Suffert (Stake president) And President Castro walked in... haha, oops. They were visiting people in the stake. But luckily Rosangela new that it was possible that P. Castro would go over so she invited some friends for us to teach. She saved our skin!Â

GO USA!!!!

Ps tell dad happy fathers day and that I love him!

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