Monday, September 23, 2013

WEll, that sucks... I was almost done witht he email then the computer froze... Good thing Google chrome saves everything!!! Except this email. :(

WEll, as I was trying to say, it was a good week. I forgot to mention last week that I´m finishing the training for this kid... He´s got a whopping (almost) 2 months on the mission... He´s from São Paulo, São Paulo. 21 years old, born in the church (inactive for a bit).
The ward is super good, everyone accepted me and made me feel at home. The bishop is the most excited bishop that I´ve ever seen. 

I haven´t seen the sun since being here, it´s rained nonstop for about 6 days. though, whatever... 
Do ya´[ll remember Tamirys, an investigator that I was teaching in Montanha? Well, she got baptized last week!!! When I was at the bus station the missionaries told me that she was gonna be baptized on saturday (And I assume she was)

P.s. No photos this week because the lan house is... Not so good. 

We have a couple of good investigators (Heber, Gustavo... etc) But this week had a lot of problems. Baptisms fell, recent converts changed for the worst so for my comp. it was  a difficult week, for me kinda, because I don´t know that people,m ya kno?

We have one super good ready baptism! Yara, she´s ``Married`` to Jair (an RM that went inactive 4 months after his mission and stayed that way for 20 years). They have been active for 4 months now, they´re just waitinf for Jair´s divorce from his last marriage so that they can get married and baptized!!!!!

And, I´m not lyi8ng, president Castro called now telling us that the divorce went through! Now we just have to wait about a month for the marriage!!! 

President Castro called, why? Well, they´re really good friends. It´s becuase of President Castro that he´s active again... President Castro and Jair are from the same area, got baptized on the same day and served in the same mission so they´re super good friends!!!  Yay!!! :D

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