Monday, September 2, 2013

Well, a lot of stuff happened, but nothing HUGE, ya know.

Yesterday we had stake conference and the strake presidency was changed so, I guess that was pretty big. The ward took a bus to Bagé (but some money went missing from the ward budget so everyone had to pay for themselves, for that not to many people went.) Last night we marked Fátimas baptism, this time it´s set in stone!!!! For Saturday! We dedicated their new house and are happy for them. It´s a little cramped in their but after everything got organized it all worked out. Our lunch yesterday started at 4:30, I don´t even know if you can call that lunch but it was good. We ate with the RS president and were able to talk about the things that Fátima is needing and she´s willing to help us. (Tonight we´re going over there to pick some stuff up for Fátima) Everyone´s happy to see that the family will be more or less completed.

Wednesday and Thursday we spent a good part of the day moving in the hot sun. I don´t know what´s happening, it´s still winter but it's burning hot. 

Saturday Fátima invited us for dinner and we celebrated the move.   No cool spiritual stories happened, sorry. Really, almost nothing happened because of the move, we spent a good part of the week at the same house. But it wasn´t time lost, now the baptism is marked and we are friends with the other 2 sisters. (They´re a little more difficult but, we´ll find a way in) 

I don´t know what to say, I said everything that I had last week, haha. But I love you all!!! Getting ready for the (probably) last 2 weeks here in D.P.!!!! :(

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