Monday, April 8, 2013

Well, lets try to write an email... I literally have 0 minutes to do this because of the crazy schedule we have for Elder F. Lima this week. I killed him (slang for being his last companion), he´s going home on Wednesday. I´ll be staying in Montanha, Elder R. Ferreira is staying and Elder M. Nascimento is staying too. My new companion will be Elder S. Silva... I don´t know him, I don´t know where he´s at right now... The only thing I know is that he´s brazillian... Conference was great! One more time Elder Holland dropped the hammer! I didn´t get to see all of it because conference isn´t a priority for the people here, so our lunches went late, I basically didn´t watch the morning sessions, but what I saw was good!!!

I´ll write something useful next week!!! Maybe.

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