Monday, April 22, 2013

Well, another week!

It´s been pretty hard finding stuff to do here... We have our 2 solid investigators, and other than that we like to walk around in the sun having doors slammed in our face... That´s life I guess. But, as ya´ll can see I´m loving it! :D

Tuesday we had a Zone conference, I got cards. So, I can´t say it was a bad day! :D We then visited with Tamiris and Andreia (our 2 solids) Andreia has a problem with basically every commandment but, she really want´s to be baptized so we´re working with her.  And all day Tuesday I was being told about what happened in Boston... 

Wednesday: Elder SIlva did some service installing some kind of water heater for a family in the ward, so I sat there playing with the dogs, since I have no idea what was going on. Wednesday the Boston news continued.

Thursday: We had an apointment with Carol, but she cancelled. The worst part is, we don[´t have a cell phone, so we didn´t know that she cancelled because of work until 9:30 when we got home and elder Ferreira told us... Ya, it´s difficult working without a cell phone.

Friday:We had Distrito amigo in the sisters area... Again, always the sisters. Then we walked about 5 miles to our house... We stopped at the store to buy some food, and while we were there some lady made a contact with us. She started saying that her friend is in the church and that she would like to accept our visit. Well, all of us (4) were there, so we asked where she lived... She said in the Cecília! Perfect, that´s my area! So, we marked a day to go visit her and we were excited to see our miracle! Then we got home, looked at that map, and saw... She lives across the street from our area... She actually lives in the other ward... So, we passed the reference and continued on.

Saturday: Ferreira and Nascimento had a baptism so we went to that. Our lunch went late so we had time to visit 2 families less active. We then came home, prayed and I had one of the weirdedst most spirtual experencies of my life... During  the prayer with Elder S. Silva I started crying after I asked for a miracle in our area.... I don´t know what it meant but after thinking that maybe I´ll lose my goal of a baptism every transfer that until now God has accepted my work not just in (basically opening) this area but in the entire 8 months.

Sunday we went to church, had lunch at home, visited Tamiris, she completely spilled the beans about whyt she doesn´t want to be baptized right now. She still thinks that it´s all true, but doesn´t want to be baptised that break a commanment. That´s good, but she said that all her friends do is go to partys and stuff, so it´d be hard, she´s a little scared... She needs friends her age in the church. The biggest problem with this is, every girl her age it leaving for a mission right now. After that we had our reiunion with the Ward Mission Leader. 

Churrasco last week, My comp is the darkest one. Elder M. Nascimento is in the middle

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