Monday, May 5, 2014

Well, my week was a doozy (kinda)!!!

First off, congrats little bro! Too bad my team is gonna have to beat yours in the World Cup next month!!! :D

Tuesday my companion and I went to McDonalds for lunch before heading off to Porto Alegre for my toe apointment! He has also passed in Jardim Vila Nova so we visited a family there that night and it was a lot of fun. I saw Cândida, Henrique and Beatriz for the first time after their baptism. (Elder Machado and I were teaching them before I left then Elder Walkennedy took my spot 2 weeks before their baptism) On the way to POA we took a fancy bus. And boy was it fancy, and comfy!!! It made the bus a lot more enjoyable!!! :D

Wednesday We went to the doctor as planned. Then My companion went to the skin doctor at night, well. His doctor forgot that he marked and appointment (It´s the mission doctor) So we waited around for quite a while until we realized that we missed our bus. So we stayed one more night in POA and went to the same families house in  JVN (the Almeida family)

Thursday morning we took a bus home then had a churrasco with the bishop since it was a holiday!

Friday I did a baptism interview for the zone leaders. We taught Carol Chastity and Tithing. Everything is going swell for her baptism this week!!! :D Â  We had lunch at home and made the sickest (in a good way) pasta ever!

Saturday we went to Camaquã to do 3 baptism interviews for the sisters... Paulo and Andrea moved to Camaquã a couple of months ago to live with his dad so...We marked a lunch with them and stayed there until 6 before going back to Pelotas for the ZL´s baptism!

Sunday we had a good lunch... Went to João Pedro´s house and the rain started falling!!! Wow, it rained a ton. We went to our WML house to try and get our of the rain but... He wasn´t home. Ç( So we went to |Carol´s early but she wasn´t home either. Luckily her mom was home and let us in. While we waited for Carol we watched a special on the news about Dubai... I now have a dream to go there one day! haha. We watched ``Finding faith in Christ`with Carol because her friend was there too (Her friend also went to church with Carol on Sunday) So we did that to break the ice. We then got her baptism invited ready and prepared the program for Sunday. We answered some questions that her friend (claudia) had about baptism and if it´s possible to be baptized again if you were already baptized as a catholic..We have lots of hope with her!!!!   

Congrats again Jordan, see ya´ll on Sunday! :D

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