Monday, August 19, 2013

Tuesday: we had a district meeting and distrito amigo here in my area.

Wednesday: we had play practice after a good day of walking around.

Thursday: was another day without a lot of sucuss until the night time... We found a new family Anna and Josianne... Mom and daughter we taught the first lesson for them about the restoration of the gospel and... it was great. we have an appointment with them tonight, so ya´ll will know where we´re going with them next week!!! Ha!

Friday: We had our activity!!!! It was cool, there werent alot of people there, but everyone that was there enjoyed it! We did a walking play thing. About the plan of Salvation, it doesn´t really work well to explain, but in 1 year I´ll explain it a little bit better!!!

Saturday we had a good day of finding new investigators then we wen´t over to João´s and Letícias and Fátimas... We talked with Fátima about her baptism and she told us that she wants to be baptized as soon as possible... So, next Saturday (if everything goes well) We´ll have another baptism!!! Yay baptisms!!!

Sunday we had church. João blessed the sacrament! and we did some tracting before going to Fátimas to kill the night... :D

Well, here´s my story.. more or less.

Fátima and Letícia have been worried about João because of how he´s been acting (us too) He´s been sad and stuff lately becuase of what´s happening with his dad (their relationship isn´t fantastic). He even left the activity early on Friday. So I the only thing I knew how to do was fast... I had already fasted for Letícia that she could stay firm in the church (I´ll talk more about her in a second) and when we went on Saturday and Sunday João was a lot better, smiling and joking again. At church he was super happy blessing the sacrament in his new suit and tie that I gave him (Thanks mom for the new tie that you gave me... It´s no longer in the family... :)

Letícia... She´s doing great. Before the baptism I was more worried about her, but now she´s super happy too. She read true to the faith as a challenge that we gave her and is reading the BOM everyday. Yesterday she let me read (After a bit of a fight) a card that she´s sending the Elder from this ward (As a seminary assigment) And it was great to see everything that´s happening. She wrote some of her favorite scriptures that she´s found so far (Including our mission scritpure Alma 26:22) Told him how thankful she was for the mission work becuase now she knows the truth and all that good stuff... :D It´s seeing stuff like this that makes the mission completely worth it. 

Oh, and today Paulo made us a churrasco. 

Being an angel in the ward activity

Soccer on PDay

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