Monday, August 12, 2013

Here we go!!!

Monday: was pday so we didn´t do all that much.

Tuesday: We walked the whole day in the freezing Rio Grando do Sul rain before finally having what was maybe luck, maybe not... When we entered a house at about 7:30 only to be attacked by a bad feeling of spirits from the other side. There are 2 strong religions here that mess with spirits... and in that family that we were teaching had 2 from each religion... It was a tough lesson but, wasn´t the first time and definitely wonp´t be the last...

Wednesday: We had a zone conference (no cards because nobody was transfered from POA) but it was cool, only 2 people were transfered from Zone Bagé but the next transfer a ton of people will leave...   After zone conference we ate hot dogs on the street at a lunch cart thing... Then we went back to Dom Pedrito where we had ``Play practice`` for the activity that we´ll be having on Friday!

Thursday: I bought ice cream for the first time!!! Yes it´s winter but, oh well... it was cheap and I´m limiting myself to 1 cup per day... It´s super cheap so it wouldn´t be all that good if it wasn´t for the doctor pepper cherry ice cream syrup that i still have. :) Then we went over to João´s and Fátima´s (Letícia was at school) and spent the night with them.

Friday: Our lunch was cancelled and we walked around finding new investigators, found one family super cool... we´ll see what happens with them...

Saturday: We went to João´s and Letícia´s and Fátima´s after lunch and until 5:30 when we had play practice... At João´s I got ripped into for being American (in a joking way) By Fátima´s sister that was visiting from Caxias do sul. After play practice we went to the central and bought hot dogs. :)

Sunday: Well, I got hit with my first last second talk... As you can imagine that was fun. 1 minute before sacrament meeting started bishop asked me to give a talk because somebody didn´t show up... He´s lucky that I like him...   It was fathers day here in Brasil yesterday so the work was tough, but we found a man named Renã yesterday... It was a really good 1st lesson, lets see if he goes anywhere!!!

Car from Uruguay
 I´m sad in the picture below because the grafitti say god doesn´t exist... Those religions are really strong here... I didn´t even know religions like that existed before the mission.

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