Monday, January 20, 2014

I´m going home, going home, tell the world that I´m going home.

Transfer news is in, and I´ll be returning to Pelotas!!! The neighbor ward, 3 Vendes. For the first time I´ll have an American campanion (elder Cambell) Let's see what´ll happen right.

Well, the week was good. On Tuesday we had district meeting, 

wednesday we worked normally.

Thursday I went to the foot doctor (Now I don´t know what´ll happen since I´m so far away

If ya´ll google ``Pelotas igreja mormon`` Ya´ll will see my chapell, it´s huge! I already sent one photo home from in front of it.

Friday we had a service project all day, and I got fried. It was our whole zone we painted a school and boy was it hot.

Saturday was a normal day

Sunday was church, lunch then Irmão Paulo made us a churrasco since we thought I was gonna be transfered!!!

My first district as district leader

First time my legs have seen the sun in awhile

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